Sunday, December 21, 2008

Earn money online! Fast, Easy, Safe!

Getting Rich Online Quickly without breaking a sweat? Here's how it works!

Paid To Click
PTC stands for Paid To Click. There are a lot of PTC sites out there, some are great, some are scams. You get paid for clicking on ads and looking at them for a certain amount of time. You might think, 'That can't be real, who gives away free money? There must be something behind it!' Well, I thought so too, but I did some research and this is how it works:

When people want to advertise, they look for sites to put their advertisements on, and PTC sites are on of those sites! PTC sites get paid to let members look at ads, they give an amount of the money that they receive and keep the rest themselves.

When you start, you earn about 1 cent per clicked ad and of course that's too little! That's why you also have 'Referrals'.

With most PTC Sites, you can refer people, by giving them a special link to the PTC site and when they sign up while you 'referred them' ,they become your referral, easy right? With most of the PTC programs, either you earn money every time your referral earns money, or you earn a certain amount of money whenever a referral signs up. This way, you can earn more than 50$ per month! For example: With, you receive 1cent for every ad clicked by a referral, if you have 20 of them and each of them clicks 10 ads per day, and you too, you can earn 2,10$ per day, 14,70$ per week and 63$ per month!
When you earned a certain amount of money, you can claim it, then the money will be put on your Paypal account. You can get a Paypal account here.


There are PTC websites out there are offering their members to earn $100 to $1000 per links they click. NO... NO... NO... Don't be allured by these figures because you know why? You may not be paid. It is very impossible to offer such big amount for a single click. It will be very expensive for advertisers. Makes sense, right?

I've checked every site I go to for viruses, spam and other unwanted activities. Most of them turned out to be fine.  Mcafee SiteAdvisor and Google gave me the necessary information about all of the sites and there are no reports about viagra mails and such which started to pop up after signing up for a PTC site (which I listed below). Neither do you have to download anything on the PTC sites.

List of best PTC sites. - One of the best and easiest. Just get refs and get earning ;D - Biggest PTC site - Not the very best, but at least it works and adds a bit to your treasure pile. - Very good and comparable with, don't forget to update you profile, so you get money ;)

And last but not least: Paid to Survey sites! I don't know much of them and as far as I know, the most trusted one is I got 58$ dollars on my first day! Even though you can only cash out when you've got 75$ or more, but I think I'll get that amount fast enough ;)
The idea is almost the same as PTC sites. You have to check out some sites which they will present you and you have to give a general impression of the site. I don't know about the safety about those sites though, I'd just take a look and just write something clear and easy down. Don't sign up for every site the surveys present you! Their safety policy doesn't apply for those sites, neither did they get a well feedback on Mcafee SiteAdvisor.

So while earning your money online, don't do stupid things, as long as you follow that rule, I'm sure you'll get a lot of money soon!
Anyways, Good Luck and Have Fun!

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